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Examples of Leo's Professional Illustrations

fly fisher birds 2 birds 3 birds 4
egret turkey ballet dancer grapes
christmas doves christmas maids a-milking christmas swans a-swimming chirstmas partridge
christmas geese christmas drummers christmas ladies christmas piper piping
child reading 1 child reading 2 tom sawyer circus elephant
brer rabbit mother goose knight dragon
learning 1 learning 2 jack in the box at the zoo
cooks 1 cooks 2 parade fairly-tales
bugs endangered species palm tree garden of eden
rhino penguin shark whale
feathers white bird berries fish dragonfly snowflake
hp copier prizes airplane taking off technical
ny map us map tropical fish 1 tropical fish 2
kids science project kids nature project bicycle girl family computer
christmas season christmas tree 1 christmas wreath 2 christmas tree 2
chef liar business writer fly swatter
technical man key dinosaur interior decorator artist montage
paper products label city assemblage bridge builder